Thematic Sessions


These thematic sessions aim to provide educators with insights and practical guidance on enhancing ELT through thoughtful integration of various teaching resources and methodologies. By addressing both traditional and innovative approaches, the sessions will offer a well-rounded perspective on the future of language teaching materials and strategies


This thematic session explores the evolving landscape of coursebooks in English Language Teaching (ELT), focusing on their integration with supplementary materials, AI tools, and blended learning environments. The session includes presentations that offer diverse perspectives on the role and effectiveness of coursebooks in modern education.


This thematic session focuses on innovative and engaging strategies for teaching English to young learners. The presentations cover a variety of methods and activities designed to enhance the learning experience and foster a love for language through playful and interactive approaches.


The session looks at aspects of preparing students for language exams, highlighting effective practices, innovative approaches, and the balance between achieving exam success and maintaining the joy of teaching. The presentations provide valuable insights and practical strategies for educators and students alike.


This thematic session explores diverse approaches to improving teaching and learning in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) contexts. The presentations focus on supporting learners with dyslexia, incorporating authentic materials, leveraging artificial intelligence, and rethinking grammar instruction.