Room: Vergina 1

10:00-10:45 Featured Presentation - Olha Madylus

Olha Madylus, Author, Consultant and Teacher Trainer

The Magic of the Written Word 

Written words are a magic art conjured up long, long ago in the distant past. And we are all wizards who have learnt to create and decipher the elusive markings that arrange themselves to create and reveal messages, facts and stories. This presentation explores the complexities of the man-made skills of writing and reading. For example, what our brain needs to do to interpret these squiggles as information, opinions, emotions and how these skills need to be introduced and nurtured by caregivers and teachers. I will suggest approaches to embedding key literacy skills from the youngest classes to further developing these skills with older learners, so that they not only master skills necessary to pass exams but also (dare I say?) learn to enjoy writing and reading. I will also introduce the tactic of genre analysis

Room: Vergina 2

10:50-11:45 Professional Presentation - Betsis ELT & Macmillan Greece

Andrew Betsis - Lawrence Mamas, Betsis ELT & Macmillan Greece

ELT exams Update 

The latest trends in assessment locally and internationally. 
- Online testing: pros and cons. 
- How many B2 & C2 exams are available and ‘equal’ in Greece. How long do they last? Which ones really ‘expire’?

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