The Plenary Speakers

Natassa Manitsa

Natassa Manitsa has studied School Psychology (BA & MSc), Translation and British Studies, Marketing, Communication & Social Media Marketing, and quite recently she started her MA in Philosophy and the Arts. She has been a language school owner, a keen blogger, a radio producer, a site chief editor, a teacher trainer, an author, and a translator for more than 25 years. She has delivered numerous seminars, workshops and webinars all over the world.

Matt Prior

Matt Prior holds a BA Honours in Psycholinguistics and a Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (DELTA). He has been an ELT professional for 12 years, helping to develop both students and teachers in a number of countries. He currently spends the academic year as a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer for a large chain of foreign language schools in Greece and the summer as a teacher and director of studies for the summer camp of an international school in Switzerland. Matt is also a Cambridge English Speaking Examiner and Supervisor and an IELTS Speaking Examiner.

Dimitris Primalis

Dimitris Primalis (M.A. in Education) is an EFL teacher and teacher trainer. He is interested in integrating innovation in the daily teaching practice and in supporting continuous professional development for educators. For his work, he has been awarded the title of “Innovative Educator Fellow” by Microsoft in Education and was voted as “ELT 2021 Influencer” by the ELT News. Dimitris has also served as TESOL Greece chairperson, vice- chair, and Newsletter editor, and as IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG Assistant Editor. He is the primary and kindergarten EFL coordinator, and “Innovation and Best Practices Days” project manager at Doukas school, Athens.

The Plenary Sessions

Marketing or Educational Marketing? The "Hows and Whys" of the customized communication your school needs for an effective online and offline presence. 

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Marketing or Educational Marketing? The "Hows and Whys" of the customized communication your school needs for an effective online and offline presence. 

You might consider "Marketing" and "Education" two totally different areas that cannot and shouldn't be related. Well ... no! Besides the necessary academic needs, any educational organisation is still a business. Without online presence, it's like opening a business and not telling anyone. In this talk, we will examine ideas & ways to promote your language school effectively and briefly explain communication trends that are a “must” and are customized for educational needs only! 
But that's not all! We're taking it up a notch by revealing the game-changing role of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in marketing. Prepare to be amazed as we unveil how A.I. can revolutionize your marketing ideas, taking your school to new heights of success in the competitive landscape.


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There are clearly many advantages to using pair work as a learning strategy. For starters, it promotes student autonomy and it reflects the interaction pattern that is perhaps most common outside the classroom: one-to-one. Despite this, teachers can often remain hesitant to unlock its potential, relying instead on a whole-class, lock-step approach. Why is this? There are a plethora of reasons. In this practical session, we will identify some of the issues at play and explore how they might be overcome. Join us to discover how the pros of using pair work most definitely outweigh the cons. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN PAIR WORK!

Practical Activities using Artificial and Human Intelligence

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Practical Activities using Artificial and Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may sound like science-fiction but, in fact, we use it on a daily basis without realizing it. AI will not replace teachers but it can act as a valuable helper for the educators and the learners. How can we harness its powers to our learners' benefit? How can we prevent copying-and-pasting? How can our students use AI creatively to develop their language skills?

The presentation focuses on practical activities that : 
· Support and boost learning 
· Engage learners 
· Promote learner autonomy 
· Enhance creative and critical thinking skills 
· Provide opportunities for exposure to language 

An array of activities with user-friendly AI tools such as Chat GPT and samples of student work will be shared with the audience. A hands-on workshop for frontline teachers.

The Workshop

This interactive workshop is designed to equip English Language teachers with practical knowledge and hands-on activities to effectively incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their daily teaching practice. With AI rapidly transforming various industries, it is crucial for educators to harness its potential to enhance language learning experiences. 

Participants will explore a range of user-friendly AI tools suitable for all levels of English proficiency, enabling them to create engaging lessons, provide personalized feedback, foster collaborative learning, and develop students' language skills in a dynamic and interactive manner. This workshop aims to empower teachers with the necessary skills and resources to embrace the benefits of AI, paving the way for an innovative and inclusive English language classroom.

The Speakers

Andreas Betsis

Global ELT - Managing Director

Athena Apotsi

Teacher Trainer and an Educational Consultant for Express Publishing

Dimitris Ziogas

CEO / Founder of Genius Language Centers in Larissa.

Maria Alafogianni

Teacher Trainer, Translator, Educational Consultant, CEO BESA

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Visit the book exhibition and talk to publishers, ELT Associations, examination boards and online services providers.


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