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Giota Kotsoni
Giota KotsoniTeacher, FLS Owner
Angeliki Daviti
Angeliki DavitiTeacher, FLS Owner
Clementine Afthonidou
Clementine AfthonidouJunior high state school teacher
Faye Sotiriou
Faye SotiriouTeacher, Academic Consultant, Accredited Coach
Panagiota Pavlou
Panagiota PavlouELT Sales and Academic Consultant Northern Greece, Express Publishing
Maria Mpaka
Maria MpakaAcademic consultant, Teacher Trainer, MM Publications Greece & Cyprus
Andreas Betsis
Konstantina Karamouta
Konstantina KaramoutaTeacher, FLS Owner
Katherine Reilly
Katherine ReillyAuthor & Educator
Fotini Sagmatopoulou
Fotini SagmatopoulouTeacher, FLS Owner
Kiki Xynta
Kiki XyntaTeacher, FLS Owner
 Angela Sayia Louka
Angela Sayia LoukaTeacher, FLS Owner, Radio Producer
Katerina Yacoumatou
Katerina YacoumatouELT Consultant at Burlington Books
Lawrence Mamas
Lawrence MamasAuthor, Global ELT LTD
Debbie Papageorgiou
Debbie PapageorgiouTeacher, FLS Owner
Helen Dougekou
Helen DougekouFLS Owner, Founder of English Drama Method
Nancy Katsikari
Nancy KatsikariLanguageCert Academic Consultant SEE
Natasha Polysaki-Kallistratou
Natasha Polysaki-KallistratouMarketing Manager of Burlington Books, Northern Greece
Sofia Iakovidou
Sofia IakovidouAcademic Director at London Calling



Featured Presentations

Teaching English through STEAM

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is a new, innovative and broadly recognized method on teaching. Young learners are curious, they want to explore and learn more about the world. This method helps learners create meaning, think creatively and work collaboratively on scientific experiments, 3D mazes and many more. Let’s explore this magic world, together!

Konstantina Karamouta - Teacher, FLS Owner

Using blended learning in the English classroom

Blended learning is an educational methodology that combines online and digital media with traditional face-to-face teaching. The use of technology in education enables teachers to support and motivate students in the classroom as well as at home. Technology has completely changed the game in language teaching and blended learning can combine the best features of online learning with the best aspects of traditional instruction to make lessons more effective.

Klimentini Afthonidou - Junior high state school teacher

Hashtag English, New Stars and Stripes and Practice Tests for the Revised Michigan ECCE & ECPE, The Art of Writing and Grammar & Vocabulary Booster

Hashtag English: Assisting Flexibility, Maximising Learning!
#English is a newly created, exciting course for A-C classes with engaging, fun content, designed to motivate students, promote inclusivity and meet the new, emerging educational needs. #English offers an effective combination of print and digital resources, allowing for flexible teaching (in-class, Blended or Flipped learning), enhancing student autonomy and boosting the development of real-life skills.

New Stars and Stripes and Practice Tests for the Revised Michigan ECCE & ECPE: Aim for Success!
The new Express Publishing Coursebooks & Practice Tests for the Revised Michigan Exams will help you prepare students for exam success, utilising top-quality print and digital resources. Accompanied by the new, updated Express Digibooks, the new courses and exam material support teaching and learning in a flexible way.

Hot off the press: The Art of Writing and Grammar & Vocabulary Booster: Teaching Writing and Grammar effectively at B2 level!

Panagiota Pavlou - ELT Sales and Academic Consultant Northern Greece, Express Publishing

Burlington Luke & Myla

Burlington Luke & Myla, our exciting new three-part coursebook series for A-C classes, is packed with exciting adventure stories with 3D animation, real world information and multimodal learning opportunities. It is accompanied by free interactive webbooks for use in the classroom and online.

Natasha Polysaki-Kallistratou - Marketing Manager of Burlington Books, Northern Greece

ECCE Honors

ECCE Honors, our brand-new coursebook for the ECCE exam, follows the success of Revised ECPE Honors to provide clear, user-friendly exam preparation material that teachers can trust for great results. It is accompanied by free interactive webbooks for use in the classroom and to support online and autonomous learning.

Katerina Yacoumatou - ELT Consultant at Burlington Books

Discover World Watchers – MM Publications’ exciting new coursebook series for A – C classes.

Who are the World Watchers? Where are they going? And why will they appeal to our students? Through their fantastic world, we are able to increase engagement, spark creative thinking and pass on the learning skills which we teachers consider so important. Is this just wishful thinking? Attend our session and see for yourself… World Watchers.

Maria Mpaka - Academic consultant, Teacher Trainer, MM Publications Greece & Cyprus

Re-Teach, Re-Coach, Re-Learn

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Creativity are among the most wanted 21st c. soft skills according to the World Economic Forum and HR professionals.
Is ‘Redefining Teaching’ somehow embedded to transforming our world?
Taking into consideration globalization, diversity and the 2030 UN agenda for sustainable development goals for a better world, education, learning, school, teacher, and student, are terms that should be re-evaluated. As the 21st century concept of ‘Lifelong Learning’ acquires new dimensions, Ready for Planet English (Pre-A1 - B2) series by Eli Publishing is the innovative educational tool that sets the mindset for skilled citizens of the world by teaching global English.

Faye Sotiriou - Teacher, Academic Consultant, Accredited Coach, Deportivo Publishing

Excellence in Language Teaching

Can flexible seating make a difference? What if we don’t use grades and standardized tests? How can technology be used in the classroom? In this presentation, we will go through a range of factors that can dramatically affect language teaching and learning. Our program received two silver ELT Excellence Awards for Excellence in Teaching Foreign Languages and Creativity in Language Teaching and is a student-centered approach that fosters active student participation and engagement.

Angeliki Daviti - Academic Director at Young Travelers

Including students with learning differences in the foreign language classroom

Kotsoni Language School is a pioneering FL inclusive school which is consistent with the principles of inclusivity, according to which appropriate teaching methods and practices for both typical students and students with learning differences are applied in every class, against the practices of discrimination and isolation, including, thus, all students in the same learning environment as it is commanded by students’ rights and by world declarations and organizations.

Kotsoni Giota - (PhDc., MSc, MA, BA, FLS Owner, EU Researcher, Author)

Creativity in Language Learning

In 2021 our School, ABC Success Lab, was awarded the bronze ELT award in Creativity in Language Learning. The activities that our project consisted of are the following:

Activity 1: Match the letters

Our students were taught how to use a 3d pen, traced the letters and then tried to match the capital letters with the lower case ones. The purpose of the activity was to have our students get familiar with the new technologies, improve their fine monitoring skills and enhance collaboration while learning the letters

Activity 2: Prepositions and colours.
For the second activity, we used LEGO bricks and the students followed our instructions by picking the right bricks and place them in the right spot, applying what they have learnt about prepositions of place and colours.

Activity 3: Plural form of nouns
For the third activity, we used LEGO bricks and some stickers which we put on every brick. Then, we wrote the singular form of some nouns on the stickers. On some others we wrote the suffix of the plural form. The students tried to match the singular form of nouns with the correct suffix. Finally, it is worth mentioning that this project and many others applied in our classrooms contain new technologies such as VR Glasses, 3D printing and Lego Bricks as they enable us, as teachers, to promote a wide range of our students’ skills. For instance:
1. Teamwork and Social Skills
2. Communication and Language skills
3. Problem solving, Mathematics and Spatial Awareness
4. Creativity and Experimentation
5. Physical Development
6. Perseverance and Management of Frustrations
7. Self-Confidence
8. Lowering Anxiety and Stress
9. Patience
10. Focus and Concentration

Despina Papageorgiou - DoS, FLS Owner

Writing for Exam Takers

English language assessment has progressively proven more demanding with the passage of time. Of all the segments examined, writing is without a doubt the one that has perplexed and frustrated exam takers the most. Establishing a proper mindset and adopting strategies are essential elements of success. The techniques presented will reflect the entirety of the CEFR spectrum in ways which will not only guarantee success, but will represent the culmination of a multitude of well-developed language skills.

Katherine Reilly - Author & Educator

Speaking for Exam Takers

Of all the language skills, speaking is perhaps the most elusive to master. The ability to convey thoughts into verbal form is one that requires practice, devotion and of course stimulation of thoughts. Oral examinations take this a step further, as students’ capacity to not only speak the language, but utilize it to the fullest, has rendered proper preparation a consequential aspect of successfully passing the oral segments of the test.

Katherine Reilly - Author & Educator

Teaching Primary School Learners

Angela Sayia, 2021 ELT Excellence Award winner, is sharing some of her ideas on teaching Primary School Learners. You can teach absolutely anything if you excite and challenge kids to use their creativity and imagination. I have taken my classes outside for more than a decade using real objects and simple activities. ‘’I guess they will forget a grammar rule at some point; what I don’t want them to forget is how much fun they had on the way’’.

Angela Sayia - Owner and director of studies of Excellence School

Innovation in Language Teaching through the Global Classroom and Microsoft tools.

I have been an EFL teacher for about 24 years and my school was set up 12 years ago. During these years I have managed to fulfil my dream: render my students global citizens and have them communicate with educators and students from all around the world. My vision is to empower my students’ voices and help them use language as a tool to tolerate cultural diversity and raise cultural awareness. Through meaningful sessions and projects we aim at collaborating with different countries and create an out-of -the-box context in the classroom: in fact, our action exceeds the limits of an EFL classroom and touches on other themes as well: Geography, Social Studies, Culture, Biology, Art and History. We have come a long way since our initiation to the Microsoft Community started and we feel proud that although we actually live in a small community, we are part of a global network of Educators and students.

Kiki Xynta - Teacher, FLS Owner

Introducing and exploring Computer Adaptive Testing

This presentation aims to introduce participants to Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT), its advantages and limitations, related issues such as the required algorithm, its item bank, item calibration, levels of test security, as well as current research and developments expected very soon.

Nancy Katsikari - LanguageCert Academic Consultant SEE

Teaching English through Drama: Transform your classroom.

Teaching English through Drama is an innovative, holistic approach centred on the student. By using Drama games, role play, puppetry, pantomime, debate, songs/poems and scripts we invite our students to actively participate in the learning process. Students become confident communicators, work in groups, use their imagination and thinking skills, take part in conflict resolution and develop their emotional skills.

Eleni Dougekou, Founder of the English Drama Method, Language School Owner, Teacher Trainer

My journey to education

Last year I was honoured to be awarded by ELT News for the methodology we follow in our school. My main aim is to provide a multi-sensory approach in the teaching process and to engage students in the assessment of more than one skill. I teach English through drama, computer & traditional games. Our school is equipped with a kitchen lab which is used for grammar and vocabulary consolidation, with an Arts and Crafts workshop, and with an indoor garden where we play games especially when the weather is not good and we cannot use the outdoor garden. All these facilities are used not only for consolidation, learning or revising but because we believe that moving around instead of sitting on a chair and having fun through all the activities we do, plays a predominant role in the learning process.

Fotini Sagmatopoulou, Language School Owner, Teacher Trainer

Bring magic into the English Classroom

Welcome to our enchanted class. Hogwarts takes over our school and Harry Potter’s first film becomes the central annual theme of our PBL curriculum. It is an integrated-skills approach, based on authentic material which has provided a goldmine of classroom opportunities and nuggets of real-life wisdom! Values like friendship and cooperation, technology, the environment, school and science are explored through the magical world of Hogwarts.

Sofia Iakovidou - Academic Director at London Calling

ELT Exam Update

1. ELT Exam Update The new landscape in English language assessment and the main advantages of Greek language schools.
2. Improve OUR English How teaching at all levels helps teachers get better themselves in most areas of the English language.
3. Grading English accurately and objectively A presentation on what exactly the CEFR levels represent through practical examples that can surprise even experienced teachers of English.

Andrew Betsis, Laurence Mammas