Nick Michelioudakis

Nick Michelioudakis

Teacher, Teacher Trainer

Happiness and ELT: Principles and Activities

Why do all talks these days have to do with COVID? This one doesn’t. Forget about COVID – and forget about ELT for a moment as well.

So – what is it that make us happy? Research has shown that there are a number of things which never fail to deliver. Here are three of them: 

i) Belonging: we feel happy when we have strong bonds with our peers.

ii) Gratitude: gratitude both makes us happier and creates a ‘spill-over’ effect.

iii) Redirecting attention: we are happy when we choose to focus on happy moments.

Yes, yes, yes but are there practical activities based on these elements that we can use in class with our students? Activities which involve students using English AND making themselves and others happier in the process? And can we also use these activities online?

The answers to these questions are ‘Yes’ – ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’.

See you at the Forum.


Nick Michelioudakis (B. Econ., Dip. RSA, MSc [TEFL]) is an Academic Consultant with EDEXCEL. He has also worked in the field of ELT as a teacher, examiner and trainer. He has written more than 50 articles and is a regular presenter at TESOLand PEKADE events. He likes to think of himself as a ‘front-line teacher’ and is particularly interested in one-to-one teaching and student motivation. He also has a keen interest in Social and Evolutionary Psychology. When he is not struggling with students, he likes to spend his time in a swimming pool or playing chess.