Aris Mazarakis

Aris Mazarakis

Teacher, Teacher Trainer

Teaching Young Junior Beginners via Skype


Teaching on Line is gaining popularity at lightning speed, mainly due to the recent epidemic, and has been made easier thanks to the advancement of technology and various applications. But just how easy is it to teach young junior beginners via Skype? What are the challenges both, the teacher and junior learner(s) are faced with and how can they be tackled? What kind of equipment or material will the teacher need to make use of in order to even the lack of physical contact?


Aris D. Mazarakis has been a teacher of English for almost 40 years. He is the holder of an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Essex, with particular interest in teaching Junior Beginners, Testing and Reading. As an EFL author he has written and published a series of Grammar books, Test books and Skills books. As a teacher trainer he has participated in many conferences and seminars all over Greece. In 1990 he started the EPSILON Adult Language School project, which at the time involved more than 10 Language Schools all over the country.

The project was based on a three level crash course to be completed in 18 months and it was built around a common syllabus, common teacher training programme and tailor made teaching material.