Yiannis Spyropoulos

Yiannis Spyropoulos

ELT Consultant

Online or in class…Wonder is the beginning of wisdom!

Primary teaching has never been so flexible! Designed to introduce young learners to the English language while promoting their social and emotional skills, i Wonder brings the real world into the language classroom through a unique combination of print and digital resources! Innovative tools: AR application, Digital Platform, IWB software, ieBook and rich Teachers’ Resource material, allow full exploitation of course content online, in class, or both! The new i Wonder Pre-Junior opens the door to a wonderful world of exploration and excitement!

New Age, New Norms, New Tools: Developing a New Classroom Paradigm conducive to learning.

At this time when ELT Professionals are required to combine online with classroom teaching, there is a growing need for effective tools to support this immense effort. This new era demands a successful blend of print and digital material that supports teaching in a flexible way. Express Digibooks is a gamified, digital platform that allows you to use your books online and offline. It enables you to track students’ progress, communicate effectively with parents and motivate learners. Now is the time to move forward and bring your classes into the future!