Russell Stannard

Russell Stannard

Educational Technologist

Assessment and feedback when teaching online

In this talk, Russell Stannard will look at some of the issues surrounding formative assessment and feedback when teaching online. Russell will highlight a range of ways we can assess students learning either in a live session using a tool like Zoom or for homework. Russell will highlight the benefits of using a platform to facilitate simple assessment but will also highlight some interesting alternatives. A talk packed full of practical ideas using clear simple technologies.
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Russell Stannard is the founder of His website offers free step by step  videos to help teachers incorporate technology into their teaching and learning. His popular YouTube channel and website get more than 15,000 visits daily. He was the previous winner of the British Council ELTons award and the Times Higher 'Outstanding Technology Initiative' award. He currently works as an associate trainer with NILE and writes regular blog posts in Express Publishing Teacher's Corner.