Vassiliki Lismani

Vassiliki Lismani

Teacher, Teacher Trainer

Looking at the bright side: the beneficial impact of (a)synchronous online teaching on ADHD students.

During the COVID - 19 era students and educators have experienced great challenges regarding technical issues, lesson delivery modes, resource management, and personal interaction. While there is an ongoing discussion about the future of education under these unprecedented and unforeseeable circumstances, ADHD students seem to have benefited from this shift to e-learning. This presentation attempts to show why, how, and to what extend attending online classes can enable ADHD students to enhance their performance. It also sheds light on the changes that can be brought about in the post-pandemic era regarding the accommodation and inclusion of ADHD learners.


I hold a B.A (Athens University), an MA in Special and Inclusive Education (Nottingham Trent University, UK) and I am currently doing my MA in Applied Linguistics / TESOL (Hellenic American University, Athens). I am also CELTA certified. I have been teaching English as a foreign language in Piraeus for more than 20 years mostly to teenagers and young adults.