Dr Mike Kenteris

Dr Mike Kenteris

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Proctoring your online writing classes

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Easier said than done though and this is what makes it such an intriguing topic. In these times of remote emergency learning, I believe we shouldn’t just be trying to find ways to proctor our students’ writing. Have you seen that meme on the internet about a mum hiding under the table while her son is writing a test? Well, that will always happen when students are forced to write something that they are not engaged to write for. For me, we shouldn’t be thinking of ways to force our students to write for assessment, we need to think of ways to catch our students’ attention and getting them writing for a purpose or for a cause and this is not just about which tech you use in your classrooms. Most of the times it’s about how you use the tech that counts.

In this session, I will take you through the steps I use in my classrooms to engage my learners to write for me. Some tried and tested ways of using tech differently. 


Dr. Mike Kenteris has had a privately owned Language school on Lesvos Island, since March 2000. His studies include an M.Eng, M.Sc. and a PhD in Mobile Learning application design and context-aware computing. As a passionate EFL educator and lifelong learner, he believes in engaging his learners through the use of active learning spaces and technology as tools to succeed in activating students in his classrooms. His current research interests include Gamification in schools, Flipped learning and the use of AI in learning environments. Follow his blog here: mreltmike.wordpress.com