George Raptopoulos

George Raptopoulos

Teacher, Teacher Trainer

To be a teacher or an examiner? Now THAT is the question.

In a country where the majority of EFL/ESL , and not only,  tuition is exam oriented, what is the role of the teacher in the classroom, real or digital ? Can we afford to merely teach what we teach or do we have to also don the examiner hat  ?  This talk will attempt to explore this and hopefully answer the questions that arise.


George Raptopoulos has been teaching English as a foreign language for almost 40 years, both in Greece and the UK. He is interested in practically all aspects of the profession and active in many of its fields. After a university degree,a CELTA and a DELTA module 1, he  remains the eternal learner .A non -scholastic  scholar , he is still passionate about education and  ever willing to be of assistance to colleagues, passing on his experiences and thus hoping that the next generations of teachers will surpass him and do him proud.