Evangelia Vassilakou

Evangelia Vassilakou

Teacher, Teacher Trainer

Do you speak the language of Covid-19? Making the EFL speaking curriculum real and topical

Major issues of today like the 2020 global health crisis generate a need for helping EFL learners understand the world beyond classroom and making learning more relevant, engaging, meaningful and authentic. This presentation provides participants with the vocabulary of pandemic crisis drawing upon the alphabetical glossary on the Covid-19 created by the new Translation Bureau, which is a center of excellence in linguistic services for the Government of Canada. The presentation also offers a list of innovative pandemic discussion questions carefully selected and adapted to suit the profile of upper intermediate/ advanced learners for practicing the art of discussing perspectives, retrieved from Research Gate-a network dedicated to science and research. Further speaking activities are also provided designed to enrich the thematic agenda with this unprecedented reality via news articles on Covid-19. It is such a dynamic synthesis of activities that EFL students can maximize their intellectual curiosity about the number one topical issue of corona virus and the language of crisis influencing the existing classroom spoken discourse.


Evangelia Vassilakou has a BA degree in Philosophy from Deree College, The American College of Greece and an MA degree in Applied Linguistics from Hellenic American University with a high distinction. She has also been nominated as a PhD candidate in Applied Linguistics (HAU).

Evangelia is a committed and goal-driven educator with 20 years’ experience in the EFL field and documented success in providing mentally stimulating activities and materials that make excellent student profiles ensuring the development of academic, business and life skills. She has attended multiple educational seminars in ELT forums and half-day international workshops organized by the Council of Europe with a view to validating sets of descriptors of language proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Actively participates in Conferences taking place at Hellenic American Union aiming at creating an effective and caring learning environment for all students and the Annual International Conventions organized by TESOL Greece.