George Drivas

George Drivas

DOS at Doukas Schools


Neither out of sight nor out of mind. What the realities of the pandemic have taught us.

Teaching (and learning) from a distance presents learners and teachers with a number of challenges and possibilities. What have the recent 40 odd days of teaching across all levels and ages taught us? 

I would like to offer my two pennies worth of wisdom. 

Under challenges consider: technological prowess, adaptability, social rules and etiquette, anticipation, educational and learning experience, practicality & achievability, preparation, exposure. 

Under possibilities consider: wealth of materials, learner independence, personalisation, flexibility, range of choices, comfort and privacy, quality characteristics, synchronous and asynchronous learning. 


George Drivas is no stranger to Foreign Language education, having spent 35 years as a teacher, teacher trainer, author and presenter both at a local and international levels. Passionate about learning, education and training, he is keen on studying, developing and implementing innovative ideas in terms of pedagogical framework as well as content development. He has presented and published work aiming at the use of technology in education based on pedagogy and current teaching method; his latest paper has been published in Handbook of Research on Educational Design and Cloud Computing in Modern Classroom Settings by IGI Global, US.

George Drivas is also the creator of website and Facebook page which are frequently visited by people interested in presentation and communication skills. He has been the Director of Studies at Doukas School since 1995.