Michael Carrier

Michael Carrier

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Re-imagining Successful Language Schools: life after COVID

The world is being changed by COVID.

Even if it ends soon, some things will be different. People will have different expectations, different preferences, different wishes, after what they have experienced or what they have seen.

Many schools adapted quickly to COVID by teaching online. It was hard to set this up quickly, teachers had little experience, the technology was rough, and many mistakes were made – but it was possible, for some schools at least, to retain some of the learners and maintain the tuition fee income.

COVID may also return: so we need to be prepared for the next wave. And we need to be able to switch from full scale Face-to-Face teaching into hybrid F2F/online teaching or full-scale Online-only teaching, depending on the social situation we find ourselves in – this year, or next year.

So what should we do to ensure we can protect our businesses? How can we re-build our business so it can be successful and profitable even under COVID-20 or COVID-21?

This webinar will address these questions and suggest ways to innovate for a better language school experience - updating teaching approaches, changing curriculum and content, building teacher and learn confidence, enhancing the learning experience and creating competitive advantage.


Michael Carrier has worked in language education for over 30 years as a teacher, trainer, author, and director in Germany, Italy, Poland, UK and USA, and lectured worldwide.

He is currently serving as a Trustee of the TIRF research foundation in the US, a Board member of ICC – the European Language Network, and a Governor of International Students House in London.